Top Projects for Your First Home

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By Guest Blogger Lisa Tompkins

Buying your first home is exciting! There is so much you can do from updating the look to fixing and replacing essentials to making it your own. Here are some of the top projects any homeowner could confidently handle when they buy their first home!

Add Comfortable Exterior Space

Everyone could use more fresh air in their daily lives, so why not take the time to give yourself a space where the outdoors can be as relaxing as the indoors?  Building a deck from your back door can give you a comfortable space where you can grill, entertain and enjoy your yard. This will be a great thing to show off to any neighbors who come over to meet you!

Upgrade Your Lighting 

Upgrading your lighting can make a stunning change to any property. This doesn’t just mean swapping out bulbs, but actually changing the fixtures. Many homes have out-of-date fixtures, or house flippers will get the most boring decor they can find and leave you with a home that doesn’t match your personality. Upgrade your light fixtures and create a home that’s fun to walk through. Don’t forget to change your switches and switch plates to match! 

Boost Your Garage to the Next Level

Your garage is more than where you’ll park your car at the end of the day.  It’s also a space that can be for storage, working on hobbies, and so much more. Replace an older garage door to ensure maximum safety, and consider updates like putting down epoxy garage floor paint. These will make your garage look incredible and will leave people stunned when they see it!

Paint a Fresh Face

Painting is the most important step of any home remodel. Although you may assume you can paint in a straight line, take the time to tape and do your best.  Paint can change the look of a home and help it go from out of date to modern and chic. Paint before you’ve moved anything in since working around furniture can make this process take longer.

Make Sure Your Home Is Sealed

The weather has been unpredictable across the entire country, and the last thing anyone wants is to see their electricity bill bouncing higher and higher.  To protect yourself from another expense, check your home to ensure it’s as sealed from the elements as possible.  You can do this by holding a candle near any windows or doors you think might be leaking.  If the flame pulls strongly, it’s time to look into window replacement inserts

Update Your Porch into a Welcoming Space

Front porches should be welcoming to anyone who arrives at your front door, but it can be easy for them to look overgrown or grimy.  Take a weekend and give your front porch a makeover!  This means deep cleaning it, repainting any areas that need it, adding some comfortable porch seating, and updating the lighting.  If you want to take this further, add some plant life, and update your house numbers so that they match your new vibe.

Refinish the Floors

It’s easy for floors to get scuffed up with age. Take the time to consider if you like the stain that was used on your floors. If not, you can remove it and refinish the floor on your own. This can seem intimidating to a lot of first-time homeowners, but as long as you’re patient with the process and get the best polyurethane that you can find, you’ll do a great job.

Check the Filters and HVAC System

Your filters and HVAC system should be one of the first things you check when you move into your new property. Changing the filters can make a huge difference in air quality, and you should continue to change them out every month that you live there. You should also check to ensure your HVAC system is working fine.  If you notice it’s struggling to heat or cool your home, call a professional.

Your New Home Should Feel Like Your Own

Although your home is yours the moment you buy it, it can be hard to make it feel that way until you’ve made some real changes.  Follow some of these tips to put your own fingerprint on your new  place.

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